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Hiking in Chamonix – What’s the best way to do it?

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Chamonix Mont-Blanc is a perfect destination in France, in any season. Whether you decide to travel in the summer, winter, spring, or autumn, you will surely find some natural beauties around that worth the visit. This location is best known for its lovely landscapes, as well as great places for various activities. But, even if you already decided to go to this wonderful place, if you’re looking for a Chamonix hike, there are some things you have to know before going on this trip.  

In this article, you will find what is the best way to get ready for hiking in Chamonix

1. What to do before going on a hiking trip in Chamonix?

Before going on a hike, you have to be fully prepared with all the details that could make the difference. Here are some secrets that you may want to know:

  • Create a planned itinerary

First of all, you have to choose the departure, destination and route. After you’ve done that, you must find out details about the accommodation, transfer and transport options. These are very important factors when it comes to creating a good plan – otherwise, you may lose a lot of time searching for them when you’ll get there. 

  • Choose the best trail for you

To chose the best hiking trail can be a challenge, be very well informed about this! Select it wisely, based on your experience. Don’t be too adventurous – better safe than sorry! Check the difficulty level of each trail, and make a steady plan – the route, how much time it takes to get from one point to another, the number of people joining you, lifts opening and closing times, and so on. The Tourist Office in Chamonix can help too.

  • What about organized tours?

A guided tour is the safest way to travel in the Chamonix valley because you can rely on the experience of your mountain guide. There are great opportunities you can easily try, for hiking with a group of guides and travelers. But if you are going with your bunch of friends, find out all the information needed, before anything else. Going to an unknown place – especially a mountain range like Mont-Blanc – is a challenge that can be passed only with precaution and safety measures.

  • Use only the recommended equipment!

The equipment is very important because is keeping you safe. Your backpack has to be light, but, at the same time, well packed and equipped. If you’re traveling during summertime, you may want to consider taking a hat, sunglasses, sun cream and lots of water– high altitudes are well known for increasing the harmful effects of the UVs. Also, in any part of the year, you have to be prepared with a waterproof jacket, multiple layers of clothes, and good hiking boots. Based on your experience level and the chosen trail, you may need a harness, crampons, a rope, and GPS or a map.

2. What to do when hiking in Chamonix

During your hiking experience, there are some things you must do:

  • Follow your guide’s instructions

Pay attention to your guide’s instructions and follow them carefully. Every mountain has its characteristics, so listen to the one in charge – this can save you life. It doesn’t matter how advanced you are because every hike is different.

  • Take your time

As a traveler, you probably know that each day is unique – this applies to your body as well. Even if today you are in a great mood and you have a lot of energy, tomorrow may not be the same. Pay attention to how you’re feeling and take your time during the hike. There’s no point in rushing – have a good and pleasant experience!

  • Enjoy the view

When you have a purpose – arriving at your destination as soon as possible – you can miss the natural wonders around you. Plan your trip well and you will have a lot of time, perfect for enjoying the surroundings!

In the end, if you are hiking in, near, or from Chamonix, you have to be prepared in many ways. Follow these basic steps and spend a beautiful trip exploring the wonderful mountains of France!

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Rainbow visible through the water Jet in Geneva

Geneva tours – What options do you have?

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In this article, you will find what options do you have when it comes to taking the most beautiful tours of Geneva!

Geneva is a great place in Switzerland, that hosts a large number of tourists annually. The second-most populated city in this country and, of course, a worldwide center for diplomacy, this wonderful town is one of the most visited areas in Europe. If you’re planning to go on a trip to Geneva, you have to be prepared with a traveling plan – activities to be done and nearby places to be seen.

1. Basic steps to follow before deciding to go on a tour in Geneva

Before you go on a trip, you have to follow some easy steps. If you are the spontaneous type of traveler, maybe you don’t care much about these factors. But if you’re planning to go on tours, you surely cannot go with the flow, without checking out some good advice:

  • Make a plan

Just take a piece of paper and a pen – then write down everything about your future trip. Just make sure you will create a complete itinerary, based on what you’ve found out about the location you’re going to. Check out the tours, attractions, and surroundings that are worth the visit, along with the accommodation and resources needed. Once you have written all of these details, you can choose the best way to do it – routes, timetables and so on.

  • Check out the transport options

Transport is an important factor when it comes to traveling. Even though the organized tours are having this service included, you may discover that, if you want to take a tour on your own, good transfer options are mandatory.

  • Choose wisely!

In any destination you will find a lot of tours waiting to be tried and seen – don’t fall into this trap! The less, the better. Choose only the ones that you like, about places or things you are passionate about. Don’t waste time and money only for checking a list of popular attractions. Visit only what makes you happy and interest you!

airplane view of Geneva city cantre and lake Leman

2. TOP 3 tours available in and near Geneva

There are plenty of options that you can try – it depends on your preferences. If you want a walking tour, there are some good spots in Geneva. But, if you want to visit further, check out the map and see what great opportunities are in the area. Let’s see the TOP 3:

  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Day Trip from Geneva

This is a lovely tour for those who want to experience a great day outdoors. If you are a nature lover, this is the perfect place for you! The area is well known for its beautiful natural surroundings, landscapes, and hiking trails. It’s a blessing that it’s only an hour drive from Geneva. It’s easy to get there, thanks to the transport options available on this route.

  • Lake Geneva Tour

Lake Geneva is a wonderful place for taking a walk along the shore and relaxing nearby water. Here, you can discover various species of birds and animals, as well as lovely activities to be done. You can go on a cruise line tour, a scooter tour, or on a zipline adventure over the lake. Take your time and check out this amazing spot, right in the heart of the Geneva city.

  • Day Trip to Annecy

Annecy is a town in the Rhone-Alpes region of southeast France – you can get there after a 40 minutes drive from Geneva. It’s also known as The Venice of The Alps. It’s the perfect destination for a day trip – go and visit this charming gemstone, along with its history, shops, and attractions.

Geneva Cathedral view of the towers

Therefore, there are many possibilities for you to discover if you’re traveling in Geneva, Switzerland. If you are attracted to guided tours, you will surely find something that suits you. But if you want to find your way, just create a tour yourself and come up with a great traveling plan! 

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Geneva two rivers seen from above at La Jonction

Weather in Geneva – Climate and temperatures from January to December

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The weather forecast is important when you decide to go on a trip. Before leaving, you have to find out all the information that you need – otherwise, this tiny detail can easily change all of your plans. Geneva is one of the most appreciated locations worldwide, thanks to its: sites, museums, monuments, etc. Although Switzerland is located in Central Europe, its climate is influenced by many types of air masses, so the temperatures may vary during the year.

Geneva is one of the biggest cities in Switzerland and is located at the south-western end of Lake Geneva. It is surrounded by three swiss mountain chains – an important detail when it comes to atmospheric conditions. This location is perfect in any season because it has a balanced weather, suitable for all kinds of activities.

In this article, you will find out everything about the weather in Geneva, based on climate and temperatures, from January to December!

1. How is the weather in Geneva, Switzerland?

The climate in Geneva is moderate, typical for a Central European country, but, during the year, the temperature range may vary according to the air masses that come and go from different directions. The North Atlantic Drift brings mild and moist air from the west, and the North Arctic masses that come from the north are more dry and cold. Meanwhile, the continental air is dry in the winter and warmer in the summer. But the Mediterranean masses flow northward, with moist and warm air. So, the climate is changing through the seasons and it depends mostly on the specific location and altitude. The high-altitude mountain resorts are very popular thanks to the fresh air generated by the temperature inversion phenomenon.

The weather in Geneva is also changing rapidly all the time, so you have to be prepared for this. The lake has a positive impact, causing sunny days and clear skies. If you’re planning to organise a trip here, you have to choose the perfect time to do it, based on your preferences. The forecast could be important for two main reasons: temperature and activities. If you like warmer seasons – such as spring or summer – you have to travel during these months. But if you want to try the best winter sports resorts around Geneva, obviously you’ll have to go this time of the year. Don’t forget to collect all the information you need, to fully prepare yourself with the best clothes and pieces of equipment. Of course, even if you plan your trip very well, the actual forecast can change. You don’t have to be sad about it – try to have fun anyway!

2. What temperatures are in Geneva during spring and summer?

During spring, the daytime temperature range is between 8 and 14°C. This can vary from one year to another, but it is good information for any tourist who wants to travel in March, April, or May. From June to August, the temperature range is 18 to 28°C, so the summer season is not a very hot one, thanks to the Geneva location and position. The weather is mainly warm and sunny, but the nights can become cooler.

Even if the summer brings pleasant temperatures, it is recommended to be prepared with sweaters, sunscreen, and a light raincoat. The altitude is important, as well as the sudden changes that may occur.

3. What temperatures are in Geneva during autumn and winter?

Autumn and spring have a similar temperature range, so the changes are not drastic. But from September to November, it’s usually rainy, so you have to be ready for serious precipitation. In winter, from December to February, the temperatures are around 0-8 °C and, sometimes, slightly below zero. The Alpine climate is very good for winter sports, so that’s why many tourists prefer to travel between Geneva and nearby locations, such as Chamonix Mont-Blanc or other cities.

In the end, it’s important to know all these details that may help you to make the best decision. Geneva is a great city in any season, so it all comes to what you prefer. Do not forget to decide what things would you like to do – this is an essential factor for choosing the best period for traveling! 

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