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Botanical Gardens in Geneva – A natural place in the heart of the city!

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In every city you travel to, it’s important to have options for walking around and relaxing after visiting the main attractions. Botanical gardens are great places for taking a break, but also a way of discovering beautiful trees and plants. Geneva has plenty of green areas and one of the best is called the Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva (Conservatoire et Jardin Botanique de la Ville de Genève). Here you will find a lot of attractions and a lot of things to do.

In this article, you will find useful information about the Botanical Gardens of Geneva!

1. Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva – What is it?

The Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva is a must-visit place in Switzerland. It’s perfect for all travellers who want to enjoy nature, right in the heart of the city. This beautiful garden has a great history and is one of the most important national cultural assets. It was created by Augustin Pyramus de Candolle in 1817. Initially, it was placed in the area of the Bastions Park, but, after a while, it was moved to Rue de Lausanne, in 1904. Through the years, it became well known for its collection of plants and trees and lovely surroundings. Nowadays, it is a very appreciated botanical garden, being one of the five most important in the whole world. 

It has many areas that can be visited and explored:

  • The Herbarium contains approximately 6.000.000 specimens of plants and fungi – from the Mediterranean region, the Far East and South America and other places of the world. It is a great part of the Botanical Gardens and it’s worth the visit. Unfortunately, the Herbarium is not always open to the public, but, during the year, there are a few times when group visits are organized.
  • The Garden has over 16.000 species of plants, all beautiful and unique. You can find different sectors in this area – Greenhouses, Rockery, Arboretum, Japanese Garden, or Winter Garden – in which you will see a great variety of elements and natural backgrounds.
  • Also, you can visit certain collections – such as The Animal Park, the Garden of Smell and Touch, The Historic Rose Garden, the Path of Evolution, etc. If you come with your kids, you will be happy to find out that there are a lot of things to do for children! Great playgrounds, a carousel, frogs, ducks, and other animals – perfect for your family! 

So, Geneva has this gemstone that has to be part of your itinerary!

2. How to get to the Botanical Garden of Geneva?

The address is Chemin de l’Impératrice 1 and you can get there in many ways. It depends on your departure point, but, basically, you can take the tram 15 to the final stop called Nations. Also, from the main train station, the buses 1 or 25 will take you there within 10-15 minutes. 

You can also take the train to Genève-Sécheron station and, from there, you’ll have 5 minutes more to walk. There are many possibilities for you to get there, based on your chosen route. If you love walking, you can get down to the lakeshore and walk for about 40 minutes to the Botanical Garden’s main entrance.

Of course, even if you are not visiting Geneva itself, you can easily get to the Botanical Gardens from any other places. You can find excellent transfer options and create an itinerary even for just a day trip. It will surely be a great experience and it’s impossible not to love it!

In conclusion, this is a wonderful place and you have to check it out! People love Geneva for many things, but if you are a huge fan of nature, the Botanical Gardens will become one of your favorite spots! Plan your trip carefully, and don’t forget to put Switzerland on your traveling map!

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Things to do in Geneva, Switzerland – TOP activities

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Geneva is a great place in Switzerland and you can do a lot of things in this beautiful swiss town. It is the capital of the Republic and Canton of Geneva and the second most populated city in Switzerland (after Zürich). It’s best known for its international organizations – such as Red Cross or United Nations. It’s also hosting the highest number of such offices in the world.

In this article, you will find out about the best things you can do in Geneva, Switzerland!

1. A few facts to know about the city

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland, one of the most cultured and appreciated cities in the world thanks to its historic sites and attractions. Geneva dates back more than 4000 years and its presence remains today in its monuments, museums and architectural treasures.

It is located at the southwestern end of Lake Geneva, at its junction with the Rhône River, and it has an altitude of about 375 metres, being surrounded by mountains and great natural views. 

Geneva has its own airport, so it’s easy to get there from many other european cities. From the airport, you can use private transfers, to get you to the closest main attractions or to other cities around.

2. Best things to do in Geneva – TOP 10 ACTIVITIES

There are a lot of activities and attractions that you can easily try in Geneva. Thankfully, it’s a place full of options for you, and it’s impossible not to find something that suits you perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you are attracted to the city itself, or to the great sites around Geneva – you will discover all the best recommendations with basic research. Let’s find out together the 10 best things to do in Geneva:

The Jet D’Eau water fountain

This water fountain is a main attraction of Geneva and it’s definitely a must-see. The water jet is 140 metres high, with 500 litre of water that passes through per second, at a speed of 200 km/h. The fountain was initially created with the purpose of being a hydraulic pumping station to power up the factory machines. At the end of each day, the pressure was released up in the air. Through time, it has been transformed to a basic and loved attraction – now known as a fountain.

Lake Geneva and the famous Water Jet at dawn

The Flower Clock

The Flower Clock is 2,5 metres long and is situated in the Jardin Anglais. It was created in 1955 and it’s made of approximately 12,000 flowers and plants that change according to the season. It is a beautiful creation, but also a symbol of swiss time precision.

Geneva Flower Clock on a blue bird day

The Palais Des Nations

The Palais des Nations is a great building that dates back to the 30’s, and it’s still a representative place for hosting governmental meetings. You can visit it and find out more information through guided tours in 15 different languages.

The UN building in Geneva view from the main entrance


CERN is an acronym for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire and it’s an important scientific organisation. The main area of research is particle physics and the study of basic constituents of matter. Beyond their research, they offer great tours and exhibitions to see. So, it’s perfect for those who like science and want to find out more about what’s happening at CERN!

The Globe of Science and Innovation - CERN visitor center in Geneva

The longest wooden bench in the world

In the old town, on the La promenade de la Treille you will find the longest wooden bench in the world. It was built in 1767 and it is 413 feet long, being made of 180 wooden boards. It surely awaits you to take a good sit in the Old Town square of Geneva.

The longest wooden bench in the world is in Geneva

St. Pierre Cathedral

This is the best cathedral in Geneva and you must visit it. Its architecture dates back to the 12th century, even though its neoclassical facades give it a new look. You can visit its towers, but it also has an archaeological underground site, which is a perfect place for exploring ancient vestiges.

Saint Pierre Cathedral main entrance on a cloudy day

Trip to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc it’s the perfect place for a day trip in any season. In the winter you can go and check out the ski resort and in the summer you can visit the city and the mountains, lakes, and rivers around, go for a hike, rent a mountain bike or just eat a delicious traditional meal in the local restaurants. And best of all, there are great transfer options from Geneva.

A Mont Blanc view from Chamonix town centre


Museums are great when you are looking for cultural indoor activities and an easy way to learn more about history, art, architecture, etc. You can visit the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, the Natural History museum, the Art and History museum, and many other great ones.

Main entrance for the International Museum of the Red Cross

Parks and gardens

If you enjoy a good walk in the park, don’t forget to check out the Parc des Bastions, the Jardin Anglaise, the Botanical Garden, or Parc de la Grange, as well as some other beautiful parks and gardens in Geneva. 

The English Garden park in Geneva in autumn

Quartier des Grottes

Quartier des Grottes is a special neighborhood and quarter, with a young and bohemian touch. The blocks were built in 1980 and they have some colorful painted facades, which offer you a great joyful feeling. It is also a great area for shops, restaurants, theatres and cinemas.


Building in Quartier des Grottes with yellow, pink and red window frames

All in all, Geneva is a wonderful city, full of colour, science, art and history, with great places to see and things to be done. It is a good starting point for other places nearby, but it also keeps his own charm inside.

So, you have many reasons to visit Geneva as soon as possible!


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