Terms and Conditions

These booking terms and conditions apply to passenger transport bookings referred to as “transfer” or “transfers” made between the customer and REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL.

REFERENCE TRANSFER is a Society with Limited Responsibility registered at 115 chemin des Carterons, 74400 Chamonix, registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Annecy, SIRET 814980355 00014, TVA FR11814980355.

Booking details:

The details of the booking, including the pick-up and drop off dates, times and locations, the number of passengers and the lead passenger name, will be confirmed by email.

Where the booking is made for more than one passenger, the customer accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of every passenger travelling on the day of the transfer.

REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL agrees to transport the number of passengers on the booking between the pick up and drop off locations on the date and at the pick-up time specified on the booking. Any detours or non-essential stops en route must be agreed upon in writing at least 48 hours before the transfer is scheduled. This may incur additional costs for the client and will be confirmed by the reservation team.

The customer is responsible for providing REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL with the correct pick-up time, pick-up date, pick-up location and number of passengers. The customer must check the details of the booking sent via email are correct and contact REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL immediately if anything is not correct. Any amendments will be made at the sole discretion of REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL and REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL reserves the right to refuse any amendments. Where amendments to a booking are accepted by REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL, an extra charge may be payable by the customer.


Payments can be made:

  • by bank card via our secure online payment tool at least 10 days before the date of travel
  • by bank card via PayPal at least 10 days before the date of travel
  • by bank transfer at least 15 days before the date of travel
  • in cash on collection provided that you send us your valid bank card details to secure the booking in case of a cancellation at least 10 days before the date of travel

Extra luggage:

Each passenger will be permitted 1 large suitcase and 1 smaller piece of luggage. REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL must be advised at the moment of booking of any extra luggage. 

The carriage of luggage like skis, bicycles, golf club sets, parapente wings, etc is only possible when held in a suitable carrying bag and must be stated at the time of booking and agreed in writing. Extra charges may incur.

REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL reserves the right to refuse to carry what it would deem to be an excessive amount of luggage and according to passengers’ safety regulations.

REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL accepts no responsibility for loss of a passenger’s luggage or any damage to a passenger’s luggage. The customer must ensure that all passengers’ luggage is adequately insured.

Child seats:

Clients must reserve a separate seat for all passengers under 18 years, regardless of age. 

Every child under the height of 1,35m must travel in an appropriate car seat according to their weight.

The customer must inform REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL of any child or baby seats required at the time when the booking is made.

The parents or legal tutors must ensure that the car seat is properly installed and that the child is secured with a seat belt.   

All passengers travelling in the company’s vehicles must wear a seatbelt. Any passenger who refuses to conform to this rule will be denied transport by REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL, with no refund or compensation due. 


If passengers are delayed for any reason in reaching the pick-up location then the customer must inform REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL as soon as possible to arrange a revised pick-up time. REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL will make every effort to accommodate the revised pick-up time but this may not be possible. 

In the event that passengers are delayed and REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL may accommodate this delay, it reserves the right to charge the waiting time at 50€ per hour.

In case of airport transfers, when the pick-up location is at the airport, REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL will be waiting for the passengers one hour after the scheduled flight arrival. If REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL may accommodate any flight delays after the hour has passed, it reserves the right to charge the waiting time at 50€ per hour. 

REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL reserves the right to change a pick-up time at any point up to the pick-up time. This may be necessary due to local weather or traffic forecasts among other reasons.

REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL will do everything within their control to arrive at the pick-up location, at the pick-up time as stated on the booking. REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL will accept no liability whatsoever if the transfer vehicle is delayed in reaching the pick-up location due to factors outside of our control. Some examples of factors outside of the control of REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL which may cause a vehicle to be delayed are:

– Road traffic accidents

– Mechanical breakdown

– Road closures

– Adverse weather conditions

– Abnormal amounts of traffic on the roads

– Acts of vandalism, terrorism or industrial action

– Requests of the police or other governmental organisation

– This list is not exhaustive

Due to the many factors outside of the control of REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL that can cause a vehicle to be delayed, REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL can never guarantee a journey time or the time that a transfer will arrive at the destination.

In case of delays, REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL reserves the right to contract a third party to carry out the booking. In this case, the terms and conditions of the contracted company will apply.

Cancellations and refunds:

A booking is confirmed only after payment has been made by the Client. 

Booking of private transfers is refundable if a written cancellation request is sent by email to [email protected] more than 10 days before the scheduled date of the transfer. An administrative fee of 40€ will be deducted from the amount paid to cover for admin and bank charges.

Any cancellation made less than 10 days before the transfer is non-refundable.

Passenger behaviour:

It is not permitted for any passenger to smoke or consume alcohol in the transfer vehicle.

REFERENCE TRANSFER reserves the right to refuse to transport any passenger that is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.

REFERENCE TRANSFER reserves the right to charge the customer up to 200€ if the transfer vehicle was damaged or soiled by any of the passengers on the booking, during the transfer.


Any complaints must be sent to [email protected] within thirty days from the date of transport. REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL will respond within thirty days.

REFERENCE TRANSFER SARL will try to solve all conflict amicably, if this is not possible, a mediator will be employed according to the valid EU legislation.

These terms and conditions will not affect the statutory rights of the customer. These terms and conditions are governed by the French laws.