A unique corporate trip in the Alps

Road in the mountains
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Our latest corporate trip took our team on a magnificent 10-day journey in the Alps. Our clients, the official Chinese Olympic Committee have planned a tour of the cities that hosted the winter Olympic games in the Alps. Not only did they visited beautiful mountain locations, but also met amazing people that make this amazing event happen. 

The Chinese officials holding the Olympic flame
Holding the olympic flame

Junior skier being hold up in the air by adult
Ski jumping training

In preparation of the Winter Olympics 2022, the Chinese officials came to the Europe in the search for ideas, mountain specialists and good examples in organising a successful WO in Beijing.

This itinerary might be interesting for those of you looking for ideas for an interesting corporate trip in the Alps.

Castle in Isère - France
Castle in Isère – France


It all started in Chamonix in 1924 with the first Winter Olympic Games. Therefore, the corporate trip in the Alpes started here. The team explored the famous village at the foot of Mont Blanc first. After visiting the famous Aiguille du Midi cable car, they met the managing team of ENSA (French national school of ski and alpinism) and had a nice traditional savoyarde dinner up in the mountain.

They continued to Grenoble, to the top of Bastille hill with a presentation of the olympic sites and a beautiful dinner in a castle nearby. 

Albertville was their next stop to meet the local sports club representatives and visit the Olympic museum and park.

Lastly, they’ve made a quick stop in the luxurious Courchevel where the group has had the chance to see the Olympic ski jumping site.

Traditional alpine village stone house in Italy
Traditional alpine village in Italy


Further, going through the Frejus tunnel, we arrived in Italy in the province of Turin. The Val Susa is a famous winter sports destination and hosts many events.

Because the success of a corporate trip in the Alpes lies in a good is a mix of activities, the group moved to the city. As everyone was eager for a change of scenery after the peaceful alpine villages, we stayed a couple of days in Turin. So that they got to feel the vibes of the busy Italian city.

Before leaving Italy, they decided to make a de-tour through the city of Verona, a well deserved break for pizza and local Valpolicella wine.


Our last winter resort to check, Innsbruck offered us a warm welcome. We were taken on a helicopter ride, visited the local ski professionals and beautiful villages around.

Facts and figures

France hosted the WO games 3 times: 

  • 1924 Chamonix, 
  • 1968 Grenoble, 
  • 1992 Albertville.

Italy hosted the WO games 2 times: 

  • 1956 Cortina d’Ampezzo, 
  • 2006 Turin.

Austria hosted the WO games 2 times: 

  • 1964 and 1976 Innsbruck.

At the end of the trip we were very proud to say we were the transfer company chosen by the official Chinese Olympic Committee. We had great fun with the team and managed to learn a few words in Mandarin.

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