Hiker with binoculars on the top of the mountain

Hiking in Chamonix – What’s the best way to do it?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Chamonix Mont-Blanc is a perfect destination in France, in any season. Whether you decide to travel in the summer, winter, spring, or autumn, you will surely find some natural beauties around that worth the visit. This location is best known for its lovely landscapes, as well as great places for various activities. But, even if […]

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Rainbow visible through the water Jet in Geneva

Geneva tours – What options do you have?

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this article, you will find what options do you have when it comes to taking the most beautiful tours of Geneva! Geneva is a great place in Switzerland, that hosts a large number of tourists annually. The second-most populated city in this country and, of course, a worldwide center for diplomacy, this wonderful town […]

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Geneva two rivers seen from above at La Jonction

Weather in Geneva – Climate and temperatures from January to December

Reading Time: 3 minutes The weather forecast is important when you decide to go on a trip. Before leaving, you have to find out all the information that you need – otherwise, this tiny detail can easily change all of your plans. Geneva is one of the most appreciated locations worldwide, thanks to its: sites, museums, monuments, etc. Although […]

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Building in the middle of a green park

Botanical Gardens in Geneva – A natural place in the heart of the city!

Reading Time: 3 minutes In every city you travel to, it’s important to have options for walking around and relaxing after visiting the main attractions. Botanical gardens are great places for taking a break, but also a way of discovering beautiful trees and plants. Geneva has plenty of green areas and one of the best is called the Conservatory […]

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Church centre of Chamonix under snow

Things to do in Chamonix if you are going on a trip to France – TOP activities and places for travelers!

Reading Time: 3 minutes You have decided to book your holiday in Chamonix but you’re not yet sure what to visit and how to plan your activities? We have set us a small list to the most popular sites and things to do. You’ll find ideas to help whatever your interest are.

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Geneva centre view of the water jet from uphill

Where is Geneva in Switzerland? Location, History and Main Attractions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Find out from this article where Geneva is located and why it’s one of the top visited places in the world. It is a great multicultural city and if you’re planning to visit it, we are gathering up a few information on history, main attractions and day trips.

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Things to do in Geneva, Switzerland – TOP activities

Reading Time: 5 minutes Geneva is a great place in Switzerland and you can do a lot of things in this beautiful swiss town. It is the capital of the Republic and Canton of Geneva and the second most populated city in Switzerland (after Zürich). It’s best known for its international organizations – such as Red Cross or United […]

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Mountaineering reaching the Mont Blanc summit

Where is Chamonix? All you need to know about this top location!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Chamonix is located in France. This is an amazing country for travellers who want to discover great places and cities. Maybe you’ve been there before, or maybe it’s the first time, but either way, France has it all – it’s impossible not to find something perfect for you. Chamonix is a town in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes […]

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Road in the mountains

A unique corporate trip in the Alps

Reading Time: 3 minutes Discover the beautiful corporate trip that our team have helped organise together with the Chinese Olympic committee in the Alpes. In the search for cities that have hosted previously the WO games, we have visited France, Italy and Austria and met amazing people.

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