Day trip to Emosson Dam

Emosson dam view

Visit the impressive dam built together by the French and Swiss with the purpose to generate hydroelectric power. You can take there the steepest funicular railway worldwide with a maximum slope of 87%.

Located in Switzerland, just after the French border, the lake offers beautiful views on the Mont Blanc mountain range. You can explore the beautiful alpine scenery or follow the dinosaurs footprints dated 250 million years ago.

Also this landmark and its surrounding area is often host to various events like the Tour of France, Cosmo Jazz, Utra Trail du Mont Blanc, etc.

Price for a return trip from Chamonix is 150€ for up to 8 passengers.

Emossom Dam

Vues sur les vallées de Trient, le Mont Blanc et le barrage d'Emosson depuis le sommet de Six Jeur Photo credits: VTT SA


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